Attention: Once you create a custom configuration, it is treated as an always online device and your available slots for concurrent connections decreases by 1. When you delete your custom configuration, your slot for the configuration becomes available again.

Before preparing your custom configuration, please make sure you have an appropriate client software installed.
You can use the following links to download the clients for your operating system:

Every user can prepare up to 5 custom configurations for new devices.
In order to prepare the configurations you need to login to your dashboard home.

For each configuration card you can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the servers menu in your web dashboard.
  2. Choose a server location you would like to use from drop down menu and press "Create" button.
  3. Download the configuration to your device and import the configuration using the client software or if you are using your mobile client, scan the QR code using your client software.

You can now proceed the client setup guides.